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Polka Dots & Chevron

Zara shirt Forever21 jeans  |  hansel from basel bag  |  Toms shoes  |  Michael Kors watch  |  Nashelle necklace  |  Hermes, J.Crew and Madewell bracelets

 A and I had a rare "just the two of us" date last weekend. We went to see a play together and it was so nice getting to spend quality time with my special girl. Free from my diaper bag, I finally got to use my hansel from basel tote I got over 6 months ago! I love the chevron print, the shape and feel of the bag, and of course the price tag ($32 + additional 25% off going on right now!)

I must also mention my new favorite t-shirt! While shopping with 2 fashionista girlfriends (Hi M and J!), they pointed me towards this basic tee at zara. They both swore by the fit and comfort of this shirt. I tried it on and ended up getting 3 different colors that day! Since then, I've been wearing them non-stop and at $19, you can really stock up on these! It has a flattering scoop neckline and a comfortable loose fit for post-baby tummies.

Anyone see the Bachelorette last night? So far, my fave is Arie! Who are your top picks?


Aztec Skirt Lookbook!

Gap t-shirt  |  Express skirt  |  Members Only booties  |  Chanel handbag  |  Asos cuffsMichael Kors watch

I recently got to wear my Aztec sequin skirt that I got 3 months ago. As much as I adore these fun pieces, I'll admit they're not that practical for my lifestyle as a stay at home mom. I'm not sure if this bedazzled micro-mini would be welcome at the playground. But a girlfriend's bachelorette party? What could be better?

Since the skirt has so much going on with the print and the sequins, I kept the rest of the look simple and pared down. I love how a gorgeous embellished skirt looks with just a plain t-shirt casually tucked into it. I only tucked one corner of the shirt in and left the rest down. Isn't it ironic how much effort goes in to making outfits look easy and thrown on? I think I tucked and untucked the shirt at least a handful of times. It's like how people use all kinds of products and tools to create messy bedhead hair!

Leaving for France in exactly 1 week!! Excited and nervous. Would love more tips and suggestions on either France and/or traveling with kids!


Spring Wedding

Aritzia dress  |  Blazer from Korea  |  Zara shoes  |  Chanel handbag  |  Asos Cuffs  
Floral prints and springtime are a logical combination that works year after year. I busted out this old dress from a couple years back for a friend's wedding. Last time, I paired the dress with nude basket weave booties.  This time, I loved how it looked paired with my super simple black and gold wedges.

By the way, I'm loving the whole gold cuff and gold collar necklace trend! Anyone else? Oh and who is watching the Bachelorette tonight??


Instagram Photo Dump!

Brunching ballerinas

 Making pretzel turtles for Teacher Appreciation Day!

Does anyone watch Shark Tank? I ordered this right away after I saw it on the show. I used it for the first time yesterday and I love it! D is sipping her water like an old pro with this valve free, weighted straw cup!

A refuses to wear anything other than frilly pink skirts and dresses. My mom got her these ADORABLE floral jeans from Korea 6 months ago but A will not put them on! She opted for the hello kitty skirt instead. I used to take so much pleasure in dressing A so cute but she's taken that joy away from me! haha

 Has anyone tried miracle berry pills? They made these lemons sweet! 
 Baby wedgie!
What a diva!
Citron shorts for $10 at the kids section of Old Navy. It was bermuda length so I cut them down and threw in the wash to fray. Summer, here I come!

Queen Bee
I splurge on a good hair cut a few times a year. I'm obsessed with my guy and I literally freaked out when I called the salon and they told me he was no longer with them! I managed to track him down on facebook and went to see him for a much needed hair cut! He is the best in Chicago in my opinion!!

A moby'ing her baby with my kimono belt!
Hubby and I celebrated 6 years of marriage at Stephanie Izard's Girl and the Goat. We were huge fans after watching her on Top Chef.
Sporting the hottest new sunglass shape of the season! These DVF for Gap sunnies were marked down to $4.99!
A finds these random baking videos on youtube and watches them constantly. Does anyone else's kid do this?? After watching a rainbow cupcake tutorial about 100 times, I made her dreams come true and we made them. A fun and easy activity to do with kids!
A was wobbling around the house with 1 princess shoe on for days.
Me: Where's your other shoe?
A: I lost it at the ball.

It's been fun interacting with you all on Instagram! If you haven't yet, follow me at jiyelee1980!


Flowy shorts & Fish tail braids

On Mommy: 
Aritzia sweater  |  Madewell shorts  |  Steve Madden sandals  |  Cambridge Satchel Company bag  |  Hermes and Asos bracelets  |  Michael Kors watch
On A: 
Old navy shirt  |  Gap shorts  |  Salt Water sandals
A and I enjoyed the warm weather with some flowy patterned shorts and matching fish tail braids. Does anyone else watch youtube videos to learn how to do new hairstyles?

In other news, I'm a little too excited for the upcoming season of the Bachelorette. I was a big Emily Maynard fan when she was on Brad's season and I can't wait for this season to start on Monday! Anyone else planning to watch?


Monthly Reads

Question of the month: What's your best beauty tip/secret?
A little concealer goes a long way! My go-to is YSL's touche eclat. After a sleepless night with a newborn or one too many glasses of wine, I brush a tiny amount under my eyes and it instantly brightens up my dark circles.