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Gingersnaps for you and you and you!

Since my last post, I got several emails from friends wanting clothes from Gingersnaps.  I'm very excited to announce that I was able to bring back some items to offer you!! There are only 6 styles and very, very limited pieces per style (i.e. only 1 or 2 of each size) so if something catches your eye, make your move before anything sells out.

Please note: The sizes run a bit large.  My daughter, A who is 18 months fits best in the 12 months shirts and dresses.  I will specify under the picture what size A is wearing.  Click on the pictures for larger images.

1. Striped Tank with Bunny - $15
A in a size 12


2. Chartreuse Bloom Shirt - $13
A in a size 12
3. Blue Tank with Rosettes - $15
A in a size 12

4. Yellow Bloom Dress - $22
A in a size 12


5. Chambray Dress with Rosettes - $24
A in a size 18 (It's big on her but smallest size I have available)

6. Color Block Dress - $22
A in a size 24 (huge on her but only size I have available)

That's all folks! After adding to cart, click below to complete your transactions. Thanks for shopping!


A Shopping Spree for the Little Lady

I've been in the Philippines and Singapore for the last 3 weeks visiting family.  I will definitely post recaps of my trips when I am back but this was too good not to share right away.

 While casually browsing at the malls here in Manila, I came across a children's clothing store called "Gingersnaps".  My mom and I oohed and aahed our way through the entire girls section (unfortunately, the boys section left a lot to be desired) and ended up with a whole new wardrobe for A.  The pint-sized clothes are chic and trendy but with the right amount of cute, making them perfectly toddler appropriate!
 And the shoes....ugh! The Shoes!! If only I had an extra suitcase, I would have bought them all!  I was dying to get her a pair of sandals but since summer is almost over in Chicago, I had to stop myself and that definitely warrants a sad face. :(  

 Here are the 2 pairs we ended up with.  I have a hard time finding cute and affordable ballet flats for A stateside.  She'll wear the silver tipped shoes the rest of the summer/fall and will grow into the chanel-inspired flats come winter/spring. 

 Modelling a giant bow dress (giant bows were big on the Spring/Summer 2010 runways) and the silver tipped shoes.  And Hello! Who doesn't love an exposed zipper these days??

 An adorable graphic print T...wish I had the SLR to better show off the shirt!

 Aren't these soo Crewcut-esque (J.Crew's kids line) but without the hefty price tag!

 Pretty flouncy top with the itty bitty-est est sailor shorts I ever did see!

There are several more I wasn't able to take pics of yet.  Sigh...I will have to add "Gingersnaps" to the list of things I will miss in Manila (right next to $7 massages and Summer Palace dimsum). 


In my opinion...

I got asked a question today from a friend about to take the plunge into the magical world of Chanel. ;)  Thought it would be fun to post it here and see what other people think...

Q: Random but I thought I'd ask for ur advice before I make my purchase... I'm thinking of getting the medium classic chanel bc there's gng to be a huge price increase aug. 1. The caviar calf skin will be $3400 from $2600! Since you're the bag queen, I thought I'd ask if I should get the calf or the lamb skin one. Not sure what are the dif pros and cons. Would love to hear what you think. Thanks!

A: The price of Chanel handbags have gone up every few years so it's definitely a good thing you're getting it now before it goes up again. It's a beautiful bag and you won't regret it!

Anyway, abt the bag...did you mean lamb skin or caviar? Lamb skin is the really soft, smooth leather one and the caviar is the pebbled looking leather. I think the lambskin looks more elegant and classic but it is not durable.  It scratches really easily so I wonder if it would look really worn down after just a few outings.  The caviar looks a little more current, edgy to me because of the texture. Also, it doesn't scratch easily at all! I've had mine (caviar) for over 4 years and taken it everywhere, including sweaty, crowded clubs and it looks good as new! So I guess it just depends on your lifestyle and how you plan to use the bag. Hope this helps!

If anyone reading has more input on the lambskin vs caviar debate, I'd love to hear your opinions! Also, please feel free to ask away any questions of your own. :)

Signing out from Singapore! xoxo


SF/Napa Trip Photo Recap

Hubbie and I indulged in a trip out west just by ourselves.  Baby A was in good hands with her grandmother and we let ourselves be carefree youngsters once again..if only for several days.  While we did miss our beautiful daughter, we truly savored all the little luxuries you give up after having children.  We slept in as long as we wanted (although most mornings, it was around 8 am!), we ate our meals at leisure without having to feed or entertain anyone else, and we went and did as we pleased without thinking of snacks, nap schedules (other than our own!) or dirty diapers.  Here are some of our trip highlights!

We loved the farmer's market in the Ferry Building! This was Miette Bakery.  They had huge macarons and unexpectedly delicious ginger cupcakes!

Delicious dinner at Baker & Banker with dear friends. 

BEST fish & chips ever (and that's saying a lot since I lived in London for 4 months) at FISH in Sausalito

I know it's very touristy but I was very into the Alcatraz audio tour.  Fascinating...especially the escape stories!

Vietnamese style deep fried crab at PPQ. Yum!

The lobby of our hotel in Napa (Avia).  I liked that it had so much personality.  It felt more like a really interesting person's living room than a hotel lobby. 

Our room in Napa. Beautiful!

Barnett Winery: The highlight from our winery visits because of how unique and private the tour/tasting was.

An amazing meal! We tried to go back the next night but it was closed.  Yeah.  It was that good.

Happy hour at Hog Island Oyster Co.  $1 Oysters and $3.50 pints...perfect way to end the trip after too much wine.  Beer never tasted so good!


What I'm reading...

I just finished Shanghai Girls and am halfway through Girl in Translation.  Both stories are about women from Asia (China and Hong Kong respectively) coming to America and building their lives here.  I find myself being drawn to these stories about Asian women and their journeys time and time again.  Perhaps because I feel, in some small way that I can relate.  Of course I wasn't a child laborer or detained at Angel Island but there are people I've left behind, there are things that weren't as I expected and there are times when I struggle with the word "home" and where that really is. 

If you're looking for some quick, easy reads, I recommend both of these books! Let me know if you enjoyed them and if not, lo siento.

Also, now that I'm almost through with Girl in Translation, looking for recommendations. Any good reads lately?


Oldies but Goodies

I love when I dig around in my closet and find something from years ago that has potential...things that can be made current all over again with some minor tweaking.  It seems that every year, the hemlines are getting shorter and shorter and once again, minis are big this season.  By just shortening the hemlines, I, or my tailor to be exact was able to breathe new life into my old clothes.

This is a skirt my sister gifted me over 5 years ago.  It was knee length and had a full pleated shape that made it look matronly (the last way this young mom would like to be described).  With a few inches off, this oldie has become a wardrobe staple this spring/summer.  The skirt is very girly and dressy so I love it paired with an army jacket or slouchy t-shirt for contrast.

This Betsey Johnson floral dress is over 3 years old.  I hadn't touched it in years when I caught a glimpse of it in my closet and wondered what it would look like short. I've been wanting a Parker cami dress (pictured below on Rihanna and model) forever but couldn't justify the price for a flimsy summer dress. Snipped a couple (ok fine, more than a couple) inches off the Betsey Johnson and voila!: flimsy, summer dress for $10 or less! Ooh..that rhymes! :)

Share your clothing revival stories too! I'd love to hear from you!


I have a thing for chairs...

I love all kinds of beautiful furniture but nothing gets me more excited than a good chair.  1 perfect chair could bring so much excitement into an otherwise drab room.  Here are some of my fave styles...

1. These are 2 of my current obsessions!

I love the playfulness of the chair. Design shouldn't be so serious.

I am obsessed with antique furniture restored in some modern way either with paint, upholstery, or rubber in this case!

2. Have always and will always love my mid century classics!

(Still not sure how I got Hubbie to agree to this purchase but I'm just glad he did. This is a true classic and I can't wait to see how it ages!)

So beautiful! They're like functional sculptures.

Do you have a favorite chair? or am I the only chair junkie around...