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Missoni for Target

Yes, I was that mom that dragged her toddler out of the house at 7:30 am for Missoni. We got to my neighborhood Target at 7:45 to see this...

Quickly changed plans and headed to the next closest Target a couple miles away. Called my girlfriends, telling them to reroute as well. Girlfriend T gets to 2nd Target to find only 5 people in line. Yes!! Meanwhile, I'm caught in traffic and it's 7:58 am (Target opens at 8). No!!

Finally arrive at 8:03 am. After grabbing at the womens section, I tell A to run (she thinks this is a fun game. Score!) with me to the shoe department. Then, we run to accessories.

While waiting for the elevator to get to the home department upstairs, I give her a lollipop for her ability to keep up and not throw a tantrum during this high stress situation. You heard me right. A lollipop for my 2 year old at 8 am. Not my proudest hour as a mom but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. and yes, that is my cart full of shoes!

Here's what I ended up with! The poncho, matching skirts for me and A, ballet flats for me and A, onesie for baby #2, 2 plates and a make up bag. I was dying for a throw and have not given up completely yet.

Did you check out the Missoni for Target collection yesterday? or did you attempt to purchase online? That site was impossible all day! Share your stories...I'd love to hear them!!


Beds, Beds, Beds!

Hubbie and I decided to upgrade to a king size bed and we are beyond excited! I love the hubs and all but we've both expanded quite a bit since we got married 5 years ago and have outgrown our queen size bed. The mattress is ordered and ready to go (yay for labor day sales!) but I've been going back and forth over the bed frame decision. 

I fell in love with upholstered headboards years ago and finally have a chance to call one my own. I will post another time about my dream beds that are over our price range but for now, I need immediate practical help. Please vote on your favorite bed!!
Bed 1: The Tate
I used to be all about clean, mid century lines but recently, I've been leaning more towards classically elegant styles (think the Elysian hotel) which you'll see in the next 2 picks.

Bed 2: The Colette
I've been in love with this bed for years but I think it looks a bit awkward in the king size. It looks perfect in the full or queen. Am I being crazy?
Bed 3: Crown King Bed
They don't have a sample at the stores and it has to be custom made so I have to buy it sight unseen and have no option to return. Risky!

Please help us choose a bed or if there are other beds in a similar price range, please forward my way. Thanks!!