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SF/Napa Trip Photo Recap

Hubbie and I indulged in a trip out west just by ourselves.  Baby A was in good hands with her grandmother and we let ourselves be carefree youngsters once again..if only for several days.  While we did miss our beautiful daughter, we truly savored all the little luxuries you give up after having children.  We slept in as long as we wanted (although most mornings, it was around 8 am!), we ate our meals at leisure without having to feed or entertain anyone else, and we went and did as we pleased without thinking of snacks, nap schedules (other than our own!) or dirty diapers.  Here are some of our trip highlights!

We loved the farmer's market in the Ferry Building! This was Miette Bakery.  They had huge macarons and unexpectedly delicious ginger cupcakes!

Delicious dinner at Baker & Banker with dear friends. 

BEST fish & chips ever (and that's saying a lot since I lived in London for 4 months) at FISH in Sausalito

I know it's very touristy but I was very into the Alcatraz audio tour.  Fascinating...especially the escape stories!

Vietnamese style deep fried crab at PPQ. Yum!

The lobby of our hotel in Napa (Avia).  I liked that it had so much personality.  It felt more like a really interesting person's living room than a hotel lobby. 

Our room in Napa. Beautiful!

Barnett Winery: The highlight from our winery visits because of how unique and private the tour/tasting was.

An amazing meal! We tried to go back the next night but it was closed.  Yeah.  It was that good.

Happy hour at Hog Island Oyster Co.  $1 Oysters and $3.50 pints...perfect way to end the trip after too much wine.  Beer never tasted so good!

Grace Thompson –  (July 18, 2010 at 2:31 PM)  

truly living it up and in style, girlfriend! jack and i are still only in the dreaming stages of traveling sans kids; a vacation not catered to the kiddies! but i'm ecstatic on my upcoming trip to visit my parents in cali with only the kids. my first trip alone w/the kids and semi-grown kids at that!

Fashion Cappuccino (July 19, 2010 at 2:59 AM)  

The hotel looks beautiful!! I love fish and chips photo!! It's my favorite dish to order at almost every seafood resturant! xoxoxoxo

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